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Hopsy: How One Local Business Got Nine New Hires In Under A Week

Sebastien Tron, Co-Founder of Hopsy | Photo Credit: Hopsy
Sebastien Tron, Co-Founder of Hopsy | Photo Credit: Hopsy

A profile of Bay Area startup Hopsy, its rapid success, and hiring process.

When Sebastien Tron and the rest of his team launched Hopsy seven weeks ago, they didn’t expect to sell out within the first few days of each week. They’re 3 guys – Seb, Bodie, and Andrew – who promised to deliver “fresh, local craft beer” to the world… just not all at once. It was clear: they needed more staff to spread the Hopsy goodness.

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Job Spotlight: Line Cook

Photo credit: Vintage Golden Gate
Photo credit: Vintage Golden Gate

When Team Localwise asked San Francisco line cook Cody Chao about his work, he replied, “It’s a science. You learn a lot through trial and error.”An Oakland native, Cody is a student in the San Francisco Art Institute’s Culinary Program. His dream is to one day open his own restaurant, but for now, he’s focused on learning as much as he can from his job as a line cook at Vintage Golden Gate’s restaurant. He’s worked there for over a year now, serving over 500 customers on a regular day and over 1,000 on holidays. Here’s what Cody had to say about being a line cook.

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6 Cheap Berkeley Eats for Under 6 Dollars

Hot Cups Cafe, Berkeley, CA

A roundup of six of my favorite places to eat on a budget in Berkeley, CA.

Hot Cups serves fresh pastries every day and their sandwiches are all $5.57! We’re talking your choice of meats or vegetarian-friendly options like artichoke and feta, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes, falafel, and more.

Did I mention their coffee is on point? With their location on Addison St., you can easily grab coffee on your way to BART or back.

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What is a Social Media Manager? A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Photo Credit: Soul of India Cooking

I met with Daniella Soofer, the Social Media Coordinator for Soul of India Cooking Co., to ask her what makes for a successful Social Media Manager. Daniella helped Soul of India raise over $60,000 for their Kickstarter campaign last year, so she knows a thing or two about social media.

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5 Places to Dance in Oakland

Photo credit: Mayrra Guadalupe Lopez
Photo credit: Mayrra Guadalupe Lopez

Do you like getting your groove on but think San Francisco dance clubs are just too far, too loud, or too expensive? Here are a few spots in the East Bay where you can dance, listen to new music, and meet great people for little to no charge.

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7 Reasons Why Being a Cashier is Awesome

Cashiers at Taqueria Talavera in Berkeley, CA | Photo Credit: Carol Lee
Cashiers at Taqueria Talavera in Berkeley, CA | Photo Credit: Carol Lee

While some people choose cashier jobs as a career, for Hannah, it’s an intermediary step into the next phase of her life. “This is a good job for people who need some time to figure out their lives while making some money. That’s what I did, and I really found myself over the past two years.”

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